April 23, 2020

Some Old Logo Work

Just like I did with some of my old web design work, time for some logo designs from long ago.

Anyone who is, or has been involved in design will understand how painful it is to go back and look at your old work. If you don’t work in a creative field and want to know why, check out this fantastic clip from Ira Glass on the creative process.

Alright, here we go!

First some logo designs from my personal website rebuild that I never finished. Three girls and a geek? Gross. blog logo

blog logo

A number of years back I got into photography. I was shooting for weddings, families, various events. I needed a website to show my work and attract clients. I was actually pretty proud of the branding I created with Made Visual”. You can see how I used the blue gradient in the M” to create the V” for visual. I wanted something simple and I wanted to avoid using the word photography” in the logo. Here are some logo treatments for various social media platforms

made visual logo


made visual logo

This was for printed cards

made visual logo

I did the branding, print work, and web design for this client. I loved contracts where I could create the entire brand from top to bottom.

Green dot logo

It’s been interesting working on branding design for the first time in over a decade. Design definitely follows trends. If you go to Dribble or Behance you can clearly see what current popular designs are getting the most attention. Like fashion, you look back at your old designs and immediately wonder, what was I thinking?!”.

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