April 28, 2020


I’ve been wearing a mask when out in public for a few weeks now. I was at the local grocery store yesterday morning and was happy to see that most of the customers had them on.

I know this behaviour seems strange in North America, but it’s been the norm in most Asian countries for a while now. I was in China for work a few years back and face masks are extremely common. We just need to get over ourselves and get into the habit of wearing one when in public.

I had been using plain white masks but my mom decided to make me a custom Spider-Man mask (I don’t care that I’m middle aged, I think the mask is awesome).

awesome spider-man mask

There are a number of options online if you want something more colourful or fashionable. Threadless has a great selection of designer masks with a portion of the sales going to charity.

This graphic design studio came up with an emoji rebrand with masks. I think they make a good point that the only emoji with a mask looks sad. Would be great to have the option of adding a mask to other expressions.

In conclusion, get a mask, wear a mask. Help make it the new normal.

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