April 20, 2020

Is the iPad a Computer?


My current desk setup.

I LOVE my iPad Pro. It’s become the main computer in my life. My iMac mainly gets used by the kids now. If it was just me, I don’t think I’d even own a Mac anymore. That idea would have seemed nuts to me just a few years ago.

Recently Apple released iOS 13.4 which added trackpad and mouse support for the iPad. It’s really well done. I’m currently using a Magic Mouse and it works flawlessly. I love the way the shape of the cursor changes depending on what it’s hovering over. Or the way it snaps to the app it’s closest to when on the home screen.

Apple has also started shipping its new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro and I’m torn. It’s looks fantastic, has backlit keys, an extra USB C port for charging, and a trackpad. However, if you use your iPad for creative work, like drawing, there’s no way to bend the case to the right angle for that type of work. It’s the reason I don’t own the older keyboard case from Apple.

Magic Keyboard

If you mainly use your iPad working in a browser or writing, get the new keyboard, it’s definitely made for you. For you creatives out there? Maybe not.

I really liked the Magic Keyboard review from The Verge. They did a good job of weighing all of the pros and cons. Check it out.

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