Demons Hate Fresh Air


From a chapter in Austin Kleon’s latest book Keep Going. He talked about the benefits of getting away from our devices and just getting outside. I very much relate to this. If I don’t get outside and move at least once during the day, I can feel the difference. I don’t care how cold it is.

From Austins Blog:

Linn Ullmann, in and interview with Vogue, about her father Ingmar Bergman:

My father was a very disciplined and punctual man; it was a prerequisite for his creativity. There was a time for everything: for work, for talk, for solitude, for rest. No matter what time you get out of bed, go for a walk and then work, he’d say, because the demons hate it when you get out of bed, demons hate fresh air. So when I make up excuses not to work, I hear his voice in my head: Get up, get out, go to your work.”

March 4, 2022

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