April 16, 2020

Back when IE 5 was God

I’m a bit of a digital pack rat. I have files going back over a decade of website and design work. Some of it freelance, some of it contract, some of it as a full time employee. It was fun going though what, I thought at the time, was good design work.

Graphic design and illustration is a little like fashion. There are recognizable trends as you go through the past. I thought I’d post some of my old work for everyone to enjoy. Or laugh at. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Flash websites and splash pages” were all the rage when I first started out. Since I no longer have Flash player installed there’s no easy way to view those files anymore. Suffice to say I was very proficient with Action Script.

I was working full time for a creative company when I designed this website for WestJet. I believe they actually ended up using this design. Would you look at those old Mac OS scroll bars! Westjet

This was a site I built for a music teacher and composer. You can get a glimpse of my old logo in the bottom left corner. Viev music

This one makes me cringe. I never did launch this rebrand of my personal site (thank god). Three girls

I didn’t do any of the logo work or branding there. The client simply wanted a clean website. simply developed

Maybe next time I’ll post some of my old logo and branding work.

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